The Worst Fashion Mistakes People Still Insist on Wearing

  • Anonymous Anonymous 2016-08-16
    1. Ill-Fitting Shoes
    2. Nude Leggings
    3. The "I Pooped My Pants"-Look
  • Anonymous Anonymous 2016-05-15
    1. Ill-Fitting Shoes
    2. Nude Leggings
    3. Shell Suit Outfits
  • Ruslan Fayzrakhmanov Ruslan Fayzrakhmanov 2016-03-06
    1. The "I Pooped My Pants"-Look
    2. Nude Leggings
    3. Ill-Fitting Shoes
  • Amruniel Amruniel 2016-03-06
    1. The Socks - Sandals Combo
    2. Nude Leggings
    3. The "I Pooped My Pants"-Look
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A single trip to the mall more often than not leaves one wondering if some people don't own a mirror - or if their friends are foes in disguise for letting them leave the house wearing THAT.

Below you'll find the worst fashion faux pas that people still regularly don.


Ill-Fitting Shoes Ill-Fitting Shoes

If your toes hang out - DON'T buy this pair of shoes.

Likewise - if you can't walk a single step without your heel slipping out these shoes are not coming home with you!

I don't care how pretty the shoes are, how wonderfully the colour fits your outfit or how cheap they are - DO NOT BUY THEM! And if you have bought them? Donate the shoes - either to your local clothing collection or to your very own trash can.


Nude Leggings Nude Leggings

Folks! There is no one - I repeat NO ONE who should wear these abominations! It doesn't matter if you're the cuddly type or thin as a rail: it looks silly and adds shadows and bumps where you really don't want to have them!

I have no idea who ever thought this colour would be a good idea, but boy where they wrong! Please, please please burn them ASAP!


The "I Pooped My Pants"-Look The "I Pooped My Pants"-Look

Low-slung pants might look good if you know how to wear them, Harem-style pants are fine as well if you want to  - but never, under no circumstance EVER do we want to see your whole butt hanging out.

If I know you well enough to be interested in which boxers you wear today you can simply tell me, if I don't know you enough rest assured that shoving your underwear in my face won't change that.

There is no reason for grown up men (and woman, but they seldom wear their trousers like that) to have their waistband somewhere around their thighs knees - and no, it also doesn't make you look "gangstaaaaa". Just don't, please!


The Socks - Sandals Combo The Socks - Sandals Combo

It's the classical fashion mistake of middle-aged pot-bellied men (yes, I'm stereotyping here ;) ). And it seems to be a sure sign that the wearer is a tourist (the camera hanging around the neck might be counted as an accessoire in this case).

Why humanity is still adamant about wearing this strange combo will forever remain a mystery.


Shell Suit Outfits Shell Suit Outfits

You might stumble upon shell suit jackets or overalls labelled as "vintage" in various online shops, but some fashion mistakes should stay firmly buried in the past.

Nobody ever looked good in these things, nobody ever will. Please save yourself the humilation and those of us who lived through the 80s and early 90s the painful reminder of what we once considered "hip". 


Crocks!!! Crocks!!!

Whether the original Crocks or the many many variants they spawned (who will ever need flats made from 100% plastic? WHO?) - please don't wear them in public.

These shoes are fine in your garden (you won't believe it - that's what the design was originally intended for. You actually had to buy them in gardening shops!), they might be okay for going to the beach or to the pool, and in some circumstances they might be allowed for quickly darting to your neighbour because you need to borrow milk.

In EVERY other case they are a complete no-go! No matter which form you own.

There are so many more fashion mistakes - add your "favourites", vote, discuss and have fun! :)

I'm looking forward to your contributions!


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