Actors That Deserve an Oscar but Haven't One Yet

With Leo FINALLY having taken his well-deserved Oscar home we need another actor to root for... Which actors should finally get the recognition they deserve?

Vote for your favourites and add the people you want to see on the list!

  • Ruslan Fayzrakhmanov Ruslan Fayzrakhmanov 2016-03-03
    1. Edward Norton
    2. Johnny Depp
  • Amruniel Amruniel 2016-03-03
    1. Michael Fassbender
    2. Gary Oldman
    3. Johnny Depp
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3 nominations so far

At the very latest his perfomance in "Birdman" should have brought him the well-deserved first Oscar. It's time to honour his incredible talent.


Michael Fassbender Michael Fassbender

2 times nominated

After a bunch of wins of the lesser known awards, Michael Fassbender certainly deserves to be recognised for his incredible talent and presence on screen on a big-scale award show.


3 nominations so far

Playing a wide variety of characters he certainly deserves a recognition sooner or later!


Gary Oldman Gary Oldman

image: Sam from UK

1 nomination so far

With just one Oscar nomination this brilliant actor is sorely underrated. His wide variety and stunning performances should be recognised soon!


Glenn Close Glenn Close

image: contact music

6 nomination so far

The versatile actress deserves a recognition for her acting skills and the iconic roles she played throughout her career.


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