2015s Most Annoying (and Temporarily Amusing) Memes Gone Viral

We all know them, and we love to hate them - pictures, gifs and videos cluttering our social media feeds. What were this year's most annoying memes?

Add the missing things that really made you want to avoid your Facebook and Twitter-Walls for the forseeable future!

  • Amruniel Amruniel 2017-11-28
    1. Dressgate
    2. Kim Kardashian's Booty
    3. Shia LaBeouf's "Just Do It"
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Dressgate Dressgate

Usually you would think that it's really no matter if a dress is blue & black or white & gold - that is, until you find your friends, your family and even your neighbour's dog weighing in on the matter.

In February the world suddenly seemed to have no other problem than the colour of a dress nobody would have cared about if a picture of it wouldn't have made its way to the internet - and with it the very important question of "what colour IS that thing?". And while it seemed to be an amusing meme at the beginning, after days on end discussing the matter, the scientific explanations of various experts and hundreds of news articles and programs concerning the matter, it really got annoying in a way a simple article of clothing should never become.

(And yes, officially, it IS blue and black. It's confirmed. Let us lay that question to rest forevermore!)


Kim Kardashian's Booty Kim Kardashian's Booty

Isn't it great to be part of the generation that will fondly (?) remember the time Kim Kardashian tried to break the internet - with her butt?

Well, it isn't. But what's a thing we will probably fondly remember is the internet's reaction. Hilarious, creative people created an endless well of entertainment by photoshopping the original picture into crotesque, funny parodies that made the original flood of Kim K's booty on our feeds bearable.

Let's just hope that if future generations will stuble upon the (hopefully) long-forgotten hype that was Kim Kardashian, it will be those parodies they will unearth. This at least will give us all a good chuckle in our old days :)


Shia LaBeouf's "Just Do It" Shia LaBeouf's "Just Do It"

While the idea behind the motivational video is certainly a good one, and one that spawned a lot of creative and fun integrations into a wealth of videos and movies, it started to get annoying approximately the 5th time it showed on our walls. There's just so many times you can be told to "just do it" without really, really don't wanting to do "it" anymore - whatever "it" may be.

(But Shia redeemed himself admirably near the end of the year with his noteworthy -and highly addicting- #ALLMYMOVIES performance. There's nothing better than watching a Hollywood-star being embarassed by the roles he played over the years - his willingness to suffer for art made forgiving him for crowdring our social media feeds a lot easier.)


Cats vs. Cucumbers Cats vs. Cucumbers

This trend is a fairly new one and easily made it into the top 5 regardless.

Once again, the first few videos that popped up across our feeds were funny, even hilarious. There's something immensely funny in cats, as the Internet's collective love for kittys clearly shows, but too much of the same thing sucks the joy out of the most hilarious videos.And now that various experts have told us, that a) cats probably perceive the cucumbers as threatening snakes, and b) we should be ashamed of ourselves for putting our beloved fluffy fellows in such stressful situations, the fun-factor has dropped another 100 points. No-one likes to be reminded of being a bad, bad person while still secretly giggling about overreacting cats, yes?

Regardless - we're eagerly awating the next cat-based trend that will pop up sooner rather than later - because CATS, right?! And in the meantime, we'll suffer through another few days or weeks of cat vs. cucumber... as if there is any choice.


Condom Challenge Condom Challenge

Will the internet ever tire of crazy challenges? Probably not.And as long as one of these challenges pops up on a regular basis, we will have the dubious pleasure of finding the latest crazy thing "you simply HAVE to do/try" on our timelines.

This time around it's the second coming of the "Condom Challenge" - albeit one has to admit, that the new challenge isn't nearly as gross as the original one that involved "inserting a latex condom into the nostril and snorting it into the nasal cavity and back through the throat to be coughed out of the mouth" (thank you, Wikipedia, for that apt description). These days it's just a condom filled with water being dropped on the challengers head. Thank whichever-deity-you-believe-in for small mercies.

These are my top 5 annoying things that have crowded my timelines in 2015. I'm sure there are a lot more out there, and maybe even some that I thankfully missed.

Please add whatever you found most irritating this year - and don't forget to share your take with your friends... the more, the merrier, right? (And who knows? Maybe you've missed some trends as well ;) )


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