The Top Reasons to Look Forward to the Christmas Season

  • Anonymous Anonymous 2015-11-25
    1. The Smell of Freshly Baked Cookies
    2. Christmas Music
    3. The Streets Decorated in Christmas Lights
  • Amruniel Amruniel 2015-11-25
    1. The Smell of Freshly Baked Cookies
    2. Advent Calendars
    3. Christmas Music
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The Smell of Freshly Baked Cookies The Smell of Freshly Baked Cookies

Is there anything better than cold weekends spent in a warm kitchen full of the enticing smells of cinnamon and vanilla, nuts, and warm dough freshly out of the oven?

Add a warm mug of cocoa, some mulled wine or a winterly White Russian and the season sure looks a lot brighter.


Christmas Music Christmas Music

I know, right - we're all fiercly denying deriving ANY pleasure from listening to Mariah Carey belting out "All I Want for Christmas" for the seventhousandst time. But let's be honest here: we do. The moaning and groaning about listening to those damn songs again and again is a much beloved christmas tradition in and of itself. And we'd really, really miss it, if we would suddenly have to get through the season without it.

And, quite frankly, there are a few of those dreaded christmas "classics" we all secretly love to bits and pieces - yes, I'm talking about the ones that pop in and take up residence in your brain in the middle of a heat-wave in July, leaving you dreaming about a white christmas or the ringing and jing ting tingaling sleigh bells on a sleigh ride together with your loved ones...

(And NO, Wham's "Last Christmas" doesn't fit any of these categories! That one's just torture, each and every time!)


The Streets Decorated in Christmas Lights The Streets Decorated in Christmas Lights

Yes, it's cheesy, yes, it's oftentimes over the top, and yes, it's another reason to love the season!

There's nothing more beautiful than walking down a nicely (and tastefully) decorated street in the evening when the first snowflakes of the season are falling all around you. These are the moments you can forget about the bustling and stress all around you and just savour the beauty for a few minutes. 


Advent Calendars Advent Calendars

You're never too old to have an advent calendar, right?There's something magical in having a cheap cardboard box with 24 pieces of chocolate waiting for you every morning - even if you're publicly denying owning one.

And those lucky ones of us who actually get a self-made calendar filled with little tidbits and knickknacks from our loved ones? We're lucky bastards, that's for sure ;)


Christmas Sweaters Christmas Sweaters

Yes, they're most likely ugly and no, you wouldn't normally be caught dead in such a thing - but it's Christmas and they're tradition and you enjoy wearing the monstrosities if you're honest.

Christmas sweaters are the bane of any self-respecting fashionistas and that's why they are so much fun. Things that we normally would consider bad taste are such an integral part of the christmas season, that we love to take it way over the top with our sweaters. It's fun, it's ugly and it's so perfectly Christmas-y we would need to invent those sweaters if we didn't have them already!


Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations

And yet another thing that can be so perfectly cheesy and lovely at the same time. Christmas decorations help get everybody around the house in a festive mode, but it can so easily become over-the-top and kitschy that finding the right balance is an adventure in and of itself. 

And yes, it's beautiful if done right.


Wrapping Tons of Presents at the Very Last Minute Wrapping Tons of Presents at the Very Last Minute

Don't deny it, we've all done it - last-minute gift-wrapping sessions that result in more torn edges than we want to admit, piles of crumpled paper strewn across the room and a flood of decidedly un-christmas-y curses. And while we all swore it's been horrible and we would never ever again wrap the damn things so late, it's a promise we'll sure break sooner rather than later.

And -in a very strange way- it's fun, too. Particularly if you add copious amounts of alcohol or hot chocolate to the mix. And maybe a round of those very annoying Christmas songs. And a lot of cookies (just to help calm your temper, of course). And when you end up with more tape and decorations on yourself than on your parcels. Great fun, simply great fun!


The Joy in the Children's Eyes The Joy in the Children's Eyes

The last item on my list - but not the least. Rather, the most important one.

There's nothing better than seeing the joy of kids under the Christmas tree. And their cheer and anticipation of what's to come all during the season is enough to make even the most aloof among us think back to the times we ourselves were little.

It's a wonderful time of the year and we all should sit back, relax and join in on the children's happiness and celebration.


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